About the Book

Mom, do I have cancer?’

‘Well, that’s what they are trying to figure out. Some cancers are treatable with chemo or radiation, and then you’re fine. With other cancers, they might have to operate and remove the tumor, and that’s all. First, we have to find out what it is we are dealing with. It might not be a malignant tumor.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘That means it is just a tumor or a lump or something benign, which is not cancerous.’

Just hours after eighteen-year-old Billy Rainey receives the devastating news that he has tumors in his abdomen, he receives the crushing blow that they are in fact cancerous. In the blink of an eye, Billy and his family are thrown into the most difficult battle they’ve ever had to face.

Billy’s mom, Nanci, kept a journal during her son’s twenty-three-month ordeal and recorded Billy’s many symptoms, surgeries, and sufferings. Just One More Day in the Driver’s Seat is the touching and heartbreaking story that details Billy’s last two years on earth, told from his loving mother’s perspective.

Through countless setbacks and sorrows, Billy maintained his upbeat attitude and courage. Even when Billy’s body succumbed to weakness and sheer exhaustion, his love for life was so great that he continued to fight until the very end.

Anyone whose life has been affected by cancer, either directly or indirectly, will relate to the hopelessness and despair Nanci and her family felt when Billy was diagnosed. Discover along with Nanci how to maintain faith and find hope when she prayed for Just One More Day in the Driver’s Seat with her precious Billy.